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Mauldin Real Estate

City of Mauldin

Mauldin was named for William Mauldin who, as Lieutenant Governor of the state in 1886, used his influence to alter the route for a new railroad to come through the town rather than to by-pass it. Maudlin’s population fluctuated with economic changes brought on by two World Wars and in between, the Great Depression. The construction and operation of Donaldson Air Force Base in the early 1940s brought more people to live and work in the area. A stability was achieved during this time and even when the base was decommissioned at the end of the war, Mauldin continued to grow slowly. In 1969, Mauldin traded in its official designation as a town and became the City of Mauldin. The city of Greenville is only 8 miles north of Mauldin on US 276.