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Powdersville Real Estate


The name Powders comes from the production and trade of gunpowder in the area. One of the first stores in present-day Powdersville was called the Powdersville Area General Store. In 1859 a powder mill was established in present-day Powdersville by John Bowen. During the American Civil War the area was used to store gunpowder but Columbia was the primary site for the production of the state’s powder. Due to the area’s use of gunpowder the name Powders became a fixture for the location.  The Saluda Valley-Powdersville Water Company was created in 1971 to serve drinking water to around 1,200 customers. In 1992 the name changed to Powdersville Water Company and in 2001 the name changed again to Powdersville Water District.  The first high school in Powdersville was established in 2011 as Powdersville High School.